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Art Platform Japan (Contemporary Japanese Art including some Meiji-era works covering multiple museums - Beta release) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University (Search in English of Ukiyo-e Database)  (accessed 8/9/2022)

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University (Database of Nishiki-e Shinbun) (accessed 8/9/2022)

British Museum (Search Online Collection) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Carver and Printer Index for the ukiyo-e encyclopedia Genshoku ukiyoe daihyakka jiten 原色浮世絵大百科事典 (accessed 2/9/2023)

Chazen Museum of Art (Search Japanese Prints) (accessed 2/4/2023)

Cultural Japan - Discover digital resources on Japanese Culture from all over the world. (accessed 9/22/2022)

Database of Visual Images in Modern Japanese Popular Magazines from the Kasho Museum Collection (accessed 9/21/2022)

Edo-Tokyo Museum Digital Archive (accessed 9/21/2022)

Eisai Company Museum - Pharmaceutical Advertising, Posters, etc. (accessed 9/21/2022)

Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art - Union Catalog of the Collections of the National Art Museums Japan Japan (accessed 10/16/2022)

Japan Arts Council, Nishiki-e (accessed 2/4/2023)

Keio University Libraries, Digital Collection (George S. Bonn Collection of Ukiyo-e in the Meiji Period) (accessed 2/4/2023)

Library of Congress (Search Books and Printed Materials) (accessed 8/9/2022)

List of Modern Japanese Print Artists (1900-1945) [近代日本版画家名覧(1900-1945)] - an extensive list of artists with accompanying brief biographies all in Japanese  [accessed 2/23/2024) 

List of Publishers, A searchable electronic index of the main publisher entries in Publishers of Japanese Woodblock Prints: A Compendium, Andreas Marks, Hotei Publishing, 2011, with minor annotations and corrections. (accessed 2/9/2023)

Meitan (Meiji Newspapers and Magazines Collections Search System) allows you to search for all newspapers, nishiki-e (woodblock prints), and other materials and collections held by the Meiji Newspapers and Magazines Collections, Center for Modern Japanese Legal and Politics Archives, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo.  

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Search Entire Collection) (accessed 8/9/2022)

National Diet Library Digital Collections (accessed 8/4/2023)

National Museum of Japanese History (Nishikie) (accessed 2/4/2023)

New York Public Library Digital Collections - Ehon: The Artist and the Book in Japan (accessed 1/14/2023)

Next Digital Library - "Next Digital Library" is an experimental digital library system based on several research results of the R&D Office at the National Diet Library (12/3/2022)

Nihonga Collection (A Private Collection) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Paintings of Strange Phenomena and Yōkai (Ghosts, Monsters, Spirits) (accessed 9/21/2022)

Portland Art Museum (Search All Online Collections) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures, National Diet Library (accessed 1/4/24) 

St. Louis Art Museum (Search Entire Collection)  (accessed 8/9/2022)

Smithsonian, National Museum of Asian Art (Search Japan Collection) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Sugoroku - a visual database of Japanese boardgames arranged by theme (accessed 2/19/2024)

Tokyo Ad Museum (accessed 9/26/2022)

Tokyo Metropolitan Library (Ukiyo-e, etc.) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Tokyo Museum Collection (accessed 9/21/2022)

Ukiyo-e Caricatures 1842-1905, University of Vienna (accessed 6/4/2023)

Ukiyo-e Museum (in Japanese) (accessed 7/14/2023)

Ukiyo-e Museum List of Ukiyo-e Artists (in Japanese) (accessed 12/21/2023)

Ukiyo-e Signature Sample Database (accessed 2/9/2023)

University of California, San Francisco Japanese Woodblock Print Collection - Drug Advertisements (accessed 9/23/2022)

University of Oregon, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (Japanese Art - use search box on left of page) (accessed 8/9/2022)

University of Oregon, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints) (accessed 8/9/2022)

University of Tokyo (Art Magazine Database) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Victoria & Albert Museum (Japanese Prints) (accessed 2/4/2023)

Viewing Japanese Prints (Website of John Fiorillo) (accessed 4/10/2024)

Waseda University Cultural Resource Database (Database of Ukiyo-e in the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University) (accessed 8/9/2022)

Waseda University Library (Japanese and Chinese Classics) (accessed 8/9/2022)