Articles on Japanese Prints

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A Brief History of toba-e

(comic prints for the everyman)

Thirty Great Loyalists of Early Modern Times, 1942

(historical propaganda in a time of war)

The Righteous Samurai Collection (Gishi Taikan), 1920

(Eighty prints illustrating the

story of the Forty-Seven Loyal Rōnin)

Mamehon (Bean Books)

Post-War miniature art books

Yamashiro Tea

(tea of the shoguns)

Illustrations from

Beknopte Levensgeschiedenis van Robinson Crusoe

(Japanese translation of Dutch version of Daniel Defoe's original work)

Shosō 書窓 (Window on Books) - Conceived and Designed by Onchi Kōshirō

Keisuke Serizawa - The Katazome Calendar Prints

Bijin Kuchi-e Color Offset Lithographs and Taishō-Era Popular Magazines (Updated)

One Hundred Beauties in Takasago Dyed Yukata, designed by Itō Shinsui, 1931

Products of Greater Japan, 1877

 Dai Nippon Bussan Zue

Ephemera and Miscellaneous

Patriotic Sample Design Fan Prints

of the Second Sino-Japanese War