Calendar 1988


This 1988 calendar designed by Keisuke Serizawa is made up of twelve paper stencil prints packaged in a decorative cardboard folder with a stenciled label showing the year and Serizawa's "se" (せ) hexagonal seal. The stenciled prints and label pasted on the folder are done in Serizawa's katazome style perfected in the wake of WWII material shortages forcing him to look for alternatives to textiles to print his stencil dyed designs. Serizawa’s stencils were later named kataezome to reinforce the pictorial nature of his work. Serizawa must have taken delight each year in combining disparate design elements into a mass-produced cohesive calendar.

This 1988 calendar is one of the few over the years using a horizontal rather than vertical orientation.

Folder containing the 12 prints

IHL Cat. #2469a

January 1988

IHL Cat. #2649b

February 1988

IHL Cat. #2649c

March 1988

IHL Cat. #2649d

Arpil 1988

IHL Cat. #2649e

May 1988

IHL Cat. #2649f

June 1988

IHL Cat. #2649g

July 1988

IHL Cat. #2649h

August 1988

IHL Cat. #2649i

September 1988

IHL Cat. #2649j

October 1988

IHL Cat. #2649k

November 1988

IHL Cat. #2649l

December 1988

IHL Cat. #2649m

Calendar Details

Katazome Calendar 1988 #2649

Biography of the artist inserted into folder

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せ "se" appearing on label pasted to envelope

Colophon pasted onto inside of folder

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復刊 一九八八年

 芹沢銈介型染カレダ |



発行所 芹沢銈介型染カレンダ | 頒布会



Reissue 1988

Keisuke Serizawa stencil dyed calendar

Supervision: Serizawa Chōsuke [Keisuke's eldest son]

Manufacturer: Keijusha

Publisher: Keisuke Serizawa Katazome Calendar Distribution Society 

Yatsuo Town, Toyama 668 Yatsuomachi Kagamimachi