Soap Bubbles, c. 1840s

by Kiyonao

IHL Cat. #1852


Running after soap bubbles being blown by a tamaya, an Edo era soap bubble vendor.

This drawing is after the below earlier woodblock print by Takehara Shunchōsai (active 1772-1801).

Soap, appearing in Toba-e akubitome (toba-e to stop the yawning), volume 1, 1798

by Takehara Shunchōsai (active 1772-1801)

しやぼん, 鳥羽絵欠び留 1巻


Print Details

Toba-e #1852


Kiyonao ga 直画

Note: For information on the artist Kiyonao see Kiyonao 清直 (active c. 1813-1844)