Yugyōji Tōtaku-san, 1946-1955

by Yamagishi Kazue

IHL Cat. #2630


The ancient ginkgo tree Ōichō 大銀杏 in its autumn colors frames the hondō (main hall) of Yugyō-ji located in Fujisawa. 

Also known as Shōjōkō-ji, its formal name is Tōtaku-san Muryōkō-in Shōjōkō-ji.  Since its founding in 1325 the temple buildings have been often burnt down by fire caused by war or accidents, and reconstructed on every occasion. The temple boasts ten buildings registered as tangible cultural properties, such as the wooden main hall, which is one of the most magnificent in the Tōkaidō area. It is a place of peace for all people with a ginkgo tree estimated to be 700 years old.[1]

This print was almost certainly created at about the same time, 1948, as this collection's print Ryūkō-ji Nichiren

Confusingly, the seller's auction notes for this print attributes the publication of this print to Kyoto Hanga-in 京都版画院. However, web-based searches, including early 1950s catalogs by Kyoto Hanga-in, trying to confirm their involvement in issuing Yamagishi-designed prints came up empty. Nor are there any markings on the print suggesting that Kyoto Hanga-in was involved with its production. 

This collection's print is shown below, left side, next to the print in the collection of the Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum.  Note that while not visible on the below photo of this collection's print, it does bear the same watermark as can be faintly seen to the left of the artist's signature in the Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum print on the right. A wall card accompanying this print at an exhibition held by the Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum dates this print as being published between 1946 and 1955, the date I have used for this print's publication. 

[1]  website of Yugyō-ji http://www.jishu.or.jp/english-page

hondō (main hall) of Yugyō-ji today

Print Details

Yugyōji Tōtaku-san #2630

artist signature and seal


paper watermark