Outside Plymouth Bay, Great Britain, 1928

by Yamagishi Kazue

IHL Cat. #2155


Yamagishi traveled the world on behalf of the Japanese government from 1926 to 1929 studying print techniques and giving demonstrations of Japanese print techniques in the fifteen countries he visited, including Great Britain. Here he presents us with a view of the military battery on Drake's Island in Plymouth Sound lying 500 meters off the Plymouth coast. Drake's Island was originally fortified in the mid-sixteenth century as a defensive measure against France. It has not been in use as a military installation since the end of WWII. Plans are in place to develop it as a resort.

This collection's print carries the date September 10, 1928 within the image next to the artist's signature. A notation in the margin, in the artist's hand, indicates this print was printed almost eight years later in March 1936. 

Print Details

Plymouth Bay, Great Britain #2155

artist signature and seal, print title and date

date of printing and artist's full name appearing in right margin

paper watermark