Music at Winter Garden in New York, c. 1926

by Yamagishi Kazue

IHL Cat. #2018


Winter Garden Standard Playbill Cover, 1926-28

An  Art Deco style portrayal of a lively singing performance, accompanied by a live orchestra, at New York's Winter Garden, the iconic venue for musical reviews and theater in the Broadway theater district. Dispatched on a three year around-the-world print fact finding mission in 1926, New York certainly would have been on Yamagishi's itinerary. While the date 1930 is written in pencil on this print's verso, Yamagishi presents us with a scene, imagined or real, prior to 1928, before the theater was brought under the management of Warner Bros. (1928-1933) and used exclusively for cinema.

Excerpts from the Report of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, 1988

"The Winter Garden represents a typical and important aspect of the nation's theatrical history. Beyond its historical importance, its interior has an unusual configuration reflecting its history, and particularly its initial remodeling by Swasey [in 1910-1911 by architect W. Albert Swasey] for a large theater designed to house lusty musical revues. The theater's handsome ornament, a product of Krapp's [architect Herbert J. Krapp, the most prolific architect of the Broadway theater district] is an excellent example of the elegant Adamesque style [Robert Adam, a British Neoclassical style architect] in which he worked. 

The Winter Garden Theater Interior has served as home to countless numbers of the plays through which the Broadway theater has come to personify American theater. As such, it continues to help define the Broadway theater district, the largest and most famous concentration of legitimate stage theaters in the world."

Winter Garden Theatre, c.1932 

Winter Garden Theatre, c.1930s-1940s 

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Music at Winter Garden in New York #2018

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