Hello, Ms. Mao from the series China: A Collection of Woodblock Prints, 1980

by Kurosaki Akira

IHL Cat. #2032


"This series is like a report on China. Woodblock printing originated in China, and I had wanted to visit there for a long time, but due to the unstable political situation I was unable to do so. In these prints, I could make good use of video and photographic print techniques while also using Chinese history, culture, written characters, seals, and traditional Chinese composition to establish a new style and changes in my work." [The Complete Works of Akira Kurosaki: Catalogue Raisonne: Woodcuts & Paper Works 1965-2006 黒崎彰の全仕事. Tokyo, Abe Shuppan, 2006, p. 12 ]

木版画集 中國  Mokuhangashū Chūgoku

10 Woodblock Prints on Echizen hosho paper

edition 75

published by Shirota Gallery

1.Imperial Palace 故宮星明

2. Temple of Heaven 園丘雷鳴

3. Chinese Opera 京劇

4.  Chinese Beer 冷たいビールを下さい  

5. Great Wall 中国長城 

6. Chinese Seals 中国印章

7. Hello, Ms. Mao 毛さん今日は

8. Ming Tombs 十三陵石彫群 

9. Beautiful Kweilin 璃江風光

10. Chinese Abacus  上海算盤

Print Details

Hallo, Miss Mao #2032

above: artist signature

below: seal of the artist reading Akira Kurosaki 彰黒崎 

impressed seal of printer