Double Bao W-543 from the series Nomads, 2002

by Kurosaki Akira

IHL Cat. #2366


Two yurts (bāo) in a driven snow. The first print in the artist's fourteen print series titled Nomads, the first seven prints being published in 2002; the remaining in 2004.

"Seeing the wind-whipped snow on the grasslands of Bulgaria, which are at the western edge of nomadic territory, Kurosaki assembled his “Nomads Series” of 2002. It was his first use of white pigment rather than blank paper to denote the white of snow." - Hollis Goodall

source: "Akira Kurosaki About this Artist" website of LACMA

Nomads: The fourteen prints created in 2002 and 2004

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Double Bāo #2366

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