Kiyonao 清直 (active c. 1813-1844)


Possibly the artist Torii Kiyonao 鳥居清直 who no information is available on except what is recorded on the website of Ukiyo-e bunken shiryōkan (浮世絵文献資料館) [accessed 11-12-23] which records first mention of the artist in 1818 and subsequent mention in 1844. 

Extant works of the artist, as seen in this collection's print and the below prints offered for sale, fall in the giga (comic print) genre.

Five giga (comic prints) by the artist, c. 1818

Source: Yamaboshi-Shoten Japanese Prints Ukiyo-e [accessed 11-12-23]

Sample Signatures of the Artist

清直 画

Kiyonao ga 

清直 画

Kiyonao ga 

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Artist name using characters as they appear in signatures on print.

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Prints in Collection

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Big Octopus,

 c. 1840s

Soap Bubbles,

 c. 1840s