Autumn View in Oya, 1965

by Kawakami Sumio

IHL Cat. #2661


This small print was designed by Kawakami for the 1965 calendar commissioned by the Yoseido Gallery, located in the Ginza district of Tokyo, from the printer/publisher/retailer Chikuhōdō ("Chikahoudou" as seen on the company's website).[1]  Representing the month of October, with an autumn view of Oya-machi's volcanic tuff with the Nasu Mountains in the background, it is one of twelve prints for this 1965 "Calendar of New Prints" (新作版画カレンダー Shinsaku hanga karendaa). This collection's print has embossed text in its bottom margin, directly beneath the image, as shown below. It is untrimmed and bears no signs of having been mounted on a calendar page.

Oya-machi, nicknamed "Stone City,", on the outskirts of Utsunomiya City in Tochigi Prefecture, is known for its Oya stone, a type of volcanic tuff, the tan colored areas in the print, quarried since ancient times. In the background are the Nasu Mountains, rising to over 6,000 feet.

Embossed text beneath image reading: 大谷秋景(宇都宮)  川上澄生 竹芳洞 Autumn View in Oya Kawakami Sumio

竹芳洞版  ©  

Calendar cover and October print thumbnail from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston collection (2000.612 to 2000.623, plus cover, 2000.62)

The artists as listed in the calendar cover.

The print offered for sale on the Chikuhodo website.

[1] Chikuhōdō's website URL is [accessed 1-18-24]

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Autumn View in Oya