Katō Tetsunosuke

Katō Tetsunosuke 加藤哲之助 (active c. 1925-1950)


Source: Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975, Helen Merritt, University of Hawaii Press, 1992, p. 56. 

Exhibited with Nihon Hanga Kōkai intermittently between 1933-1940. Works include Fifteen Pictures of Sapporo (Sapporo jūgu zu), 1935. Contributed to Satoporo, a magazine of poetry and prints published intermittently by Satoporo Poetry Study Society between June 1925 and September 1929.

The majority of the artist's woodblock prints and postcards were published by the Sapporo Tourist Association 札幌観光協会 and consisted of scenic views of the Sapporo area and of the campus and surrounds of Hokkaido Imperial University, and portrayals of the Ainu and their handicrafts, as can be seen in below woodblock printed postcard from a set of five postcards picturing various Ainu crafts.

It is noted by the Boston Book Co., in their description of one of the artist's portfolios of small woodblock prints, that "He is best known in this country for the lovely landscape watercolors he did, signed 'T. Kato'", but I can find no other mention of his watercolor work.

イヌ工芸  加藤哲之助自刻自摺

[Ainu crafts, self-carved and printed by Katō Tetsunosuke]

  日盛りを熊彫る人の手暗がり  雀郎

[Carving a bear at high noon]

 「手摺木版 北海道風物絵ハガキ 五枚一組」5枚入 ケース付

[from a picture postcard set consisting of five pieces with case]

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carved by Tetsuno-suke

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