Inoue Seiji

Inoue Seiji 井上精二  (active c. 1915-?)


A manga artist primarily known for a set of thirteen color lithograph humorous touring maps of Japan titled 漫画旅行日本全図 Manga ryoko Nihon zenzu (Complete Manga Travel Map of Japan), likely issued in the mid-1930s.1 Seiji's fellow artists on this project were Nakamura Baisen 中村棋泉 (?-?) and Yokoyama Kei 横山啓 (?-?).

Aside from the above and the existence of this collection's work, the woodblock print "Joy of Conquest," no other work or mention of this artist appears on the web or in the literature. 

1 Dates given for the creation of the set vary with The British Museum using a production date of "1917 (after)" and other institutions dating the maps to the 1930s, such as the University of Michigan Clark Library citing a date of c. 1934.

No. 1: Nagoya map

漫画旅行日本全図 Manga ryoko Nihon zenzu (Complete Manga Travel Map of Japan)

Prints in Collection

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Six Modern Street Themes: Joy of Conquest, 1916

(現代巷趣六題: 征服の悦び  Gendai chimata omomuki roku-dai : Seifuku no yorokobi)

IHL Cat. # 2500