Hirose Harutaka

Hirose Harutaka 広瀬春孝 (1870-?)   


Sources: Osaka Prefectural Library https://www.library.pref.osaka.jp/nakato/shotenji/01_meish.html [accessed 10-26-2023]and as footnoted

Hirose was born in Sumiyama-cho Osaka with the given name Fūsai 楓斎 and it is recorded that he resided in Minami kyūhōji machi in Osaka. A student of Hayashi Motoharu (1858-1903), he worked in a similar style to his teacher and he designed for both woodblock and lithograph prints.  His primary extant works are designs for meisho-e (prints of famous places), creating at least six sets/series of meisho-e between the year 1896 and 1903, including  Famous Places in Tokyo 東京名所; Famous Places in Kamakura 鎌倉名所; Famous Place in Osaka 大阪名所 1898; Famous Places in Ise 伊勢名所; Famous Places in Sanuki 讃岐名所; Famous Places in Sakai 阪堺名所 and Famous Place in Kōya 高野名所. In addition to designing scenes of "famous places", he produced designs for fan prints, as shown below, and hikifuda (advertisements) for various businesses, as also show below.  

The "World Artists BlueBook", lists the artist under his family name, Hirose Fūsai 廣瀬楓斎 and while they note that he is a nihonga (Japanese-style) painter, I can find no extant nihonga works attributed to him.1  

1 Artis Japan.net http://artisjapan.net/default.asp?action=-1&koku=nasi&bun=nasi&nam=%8D%EC%89%C6%96%BC&kensaku=%82%D0*&bukkoflag=0&page=41

A Few Examples of the Artist's Work 

Two Hikifuda 引札

学校用書籍 - 茨木東大町虎谷誠々堂 広瀬楓斎画

School book advertisement for Torataniseiseido Book Store, unknown date (1895 or after) by Hirose Fūsai 

image source: Osaka Prefecture Library

阿波商業銀行 春孝

Awa Commercial Bank, unknown date (1896 or after) by (Hirose) Harutaka

image source: Bank of Japan Currency Museum

Three Fan (uchiwa) Prints (dates unknown)

Signatures and Seals Attributed to the Artist 

春孝 / 春孝

Harutaka / Harutaka seal


ōju Harutaka


ōju Harutaka

楓斎 / 春孝

Fūsai / Harutaka seal

應需 楓斎はるたか / 楓斎

ōju Fūsai Harutaka / Fūsai seal

楓斎 ??

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