Harada Kōkyo

Harada Kōkyo 原田耕挙* (はらだ こうきょ) (1863-1925)

* also seen as 原田耕舉


Source: Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan, Philip K. Hu, et. al., Saint Louis Museum of Art, 2016, p. 229. 

A Japanese style (nihonga) painter and print designer, Harada is best known for his prints of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), both woodblock prints and lithographs.  A student of Ogata Gekkō (1859-1920), his master's style is evident in his woodblock prints.  During the late 1800s he exhibited paintings of historical subjects at Tokyo venues including the Third Japan Youth Painting Promotion Society Exhibition 日本青年絵画共進会 of 1895, the exhibition of the organization that his master co-founded.

Examples of the Artist's Work

Two Woodblock Prints of the Russo-Japanese War

Our Destroyers Hayatori and Asagiri Sinking Enemy Ships at Port Arthur During a Great Snowstorm at 3:00 a.m. on February 14, 1904

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 2000.543a-c

Our Destroyers Fiercely Fought the Enemy Ships Outside of Port Arthur and Defeated the Enemy Fleet at Dawn April 13, 1904

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 2000.455a-c 

A Scroll Attributed to the Artist

Tora, undated

signed and sealed: 耕挙 Kōkyo

Sample Signatures and Seals of the Artist 

耕挙 / 耕

Kōkyo with Kō seal

耕挙 / 耕舉

Kōkyo with Kōkyo seal

耕挙画 / ?

Kōkyo with Sōmu seal

耕挙 / 耕舉

Kōkyo with Kōkyo seal

耕挙 / 耕舉

應需 耕挙画 / ?

ōju Kōkyo ga with Esui unsan seal

應需 耕挙画 / ?

Motome ni  ōjite [by special request] Kōkyo ga with unread seal 

應需 耕挙画 / 耕 挙

ōju Kōkyo ga

with kō and kyo seals

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