Fujiki Kikumaro

Fujiki Kikumaro 藤木喜久麿 (active c. 1919-1925) 


Source: Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975, Helen Merritt, University of Hawaii Press, 1992, p. 18.  

Fujiki was a student of the shin hanga print designer Hashiguchi Goyō (1880-1921) who, it is said, asked him on his deathbed to complete the printing of his work titled Portrait of the Shinbashi geisha Hisae. Other than that, the only known works by Fujiki are this collection's print titled Island Woman created for HANGA magazine in 1924 and a set of prints of children's dolls (gosho ningyō), dated to the 1920s, one print of which is shown below.  Merritt notes that Fujiki participated in the first two Nihon Sōsaku-Hanga Kyōkai exhibitions in 1919 and 1920.  

In researching this artist I found a reference to a folklorist with the same name who published at least one work in the late 1920s and may have written about the island of Niishima, but it would be shear speculation to assume that this folklorist is one in the same with the print designer of Island Woman.

 Child Doll (Gosho Ningyō) Dressed as a Samurai, c. 1920 

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